Who is eagle wing education & training?

Eagle Wing Education and Training Pty Ltd was established in 2007 by its founder Andrew Church, after identifying a noticeable lack of knowledge and resources available in implementing Lean Systems into Australia’s globally competitive industries. Basing his company on a ten year foundation of knowledge and expertise in his chosen field, Andrew and Eagle Wing quickly secured a reputation as a Registered Training Organisation with a difference.

Combining his passion of Lean Systems with the companies scope of Nationally Accredited Training including Competitive System and Practices, Process Manufacturing and Front Line Management, seemed a logical step, creating a powerful combination to offer to Australia’s industries. Lean Systems -Manufacturing, a term coined by the western world from the renowned Toyota Production System created by the founder of Toyota, Sakichi Toyoda, over 60 years ago, is the core of Eagle Wings success.

Eagle Wing Education and Training has continued to grow and has increased it scope of Nationally Accredited to include Sales, Hospitality and Warehousing Operations.

We invite you to be influenced by the philosophies and systems that have orchestrated such effective continuous improvement systems and tangible results for many companies under the guided expertise of Eagle Wing Education and Training.


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